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More Environmental Supervision on Used Cars

Date:01-13 11:53 Authour:未知


More Environmental Supervision on Used Cars

In the context of the relationship between used car exhaust and smog, the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) and the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) recently issued the Circular regarding Enhancing the Environmental Supervision on Used Cars, which provides new policies and statements.

The main proposals of this Circular are to increase the environmental supervision on used cars and further relax restrictions on the transfer of used cars from one area to another.

According to the latest news released on the official website of MEP, MEP and MOC have recently issued a joint circular regarding increased environmental supervision on used cars and improving air quality. In the circular, it is provided that with the exception of key areas subject to air pollution prevention and control, and vehicles that are required to be removed from circulation, local governments should not impose other restrictions on the inflow of vehicles that have undergone regular environmental inspection and are within the valid inspection period and meet local emission standards in the areas that they are entering.

The environmental protection authority should establish environmental inspection information archives and a verification system for used cars to strictly prevent unqualified vehicles from transferring pollution. It is also required in the circular that an environmental information network for used cars should be set up as soon as possible. All local governments should urge motor vehicle emission inspection bodies to conduct inspection strictly according to emission standards, submit inspection data and electronic inspection reports to the environmental protection authority, and issue emission inspection reports with unified codes assigned by the environmental protection authority. A local environmental protection authority in the locality out from which a used car is being transferred should hand over the vehicle information to the environmental protection authority at the vehicle’s destination in a timely manner, and the authority at the destination should then perform online monitoring on the vehicle’s emissions and transmit and analyze the monitoring data in a similar timely manner.

Comment: It is clearly stated in the government work report for 2016 that “the used car market should be invigorated”, and the General Office of the State Council Document No.13 also requires that a sound market environment should be created for the free flow of used cars. This joint circular issued by MEP and MOC is a specific initiative to implement the requirements of the government work report and Document No.13. In consequence, no local government should impose any new restrictions on the inflow of used cars and any restrictive policy in effect should be lifted.   

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